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Healthcare staffing at your fingertips

CROORU will save you countless hours going through your roster while finding the staff you need whenever, and wherever it may be. Schedule available health care staffs, today

Take Away the Stress of Finding Health Care Staffs

Save Countless Hours

Search for available candidates in your area in real-time!

Instant Matching

Match health care staff instantly with your desired location and availability.

Easy Candidate Access

Get access to available and on-boarded staff who have all of their required documents ready.

HR Vault

No more chasing documents and credentials from your staff! Healh Care Staffs have access to their own HR VAULT where they can store, update, and send all required documentations with a click of a button - keeping your agency in compliance.

Verified, Responsible Health Care Staffs

Every health care staff on the Crooru platform has passed an onboarding process. This ensures that your homecare agency always hires qualified health care staffs that are available when you need them.

Reduced Health Care Staff Turnover Costs

At a replacement cost of $2,600 per health care staff, the total expense from health care staffs turnover is $153,400 if 59 out of 100 health care staffs leave their agency. (Source: HomecarePulse) Crooru's solution is to provide more shift opportunities for your revolving part-time health care staffs, increasing retention dramatically. This also reduces the high-cost of recruitment and training for new health care staffs by providing a database of pre-approved candidates while maintaining your high standards of care..